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Middle East Localization

Specialized Approach for Localization Services

We offer a high quality localization service. We have an extensive experience of e-business & commerce and multicultural marketing, and have been able to overcome the difficulties of adding foreign language versions to existing websites and software as well as translating entire websites and software into different languages.

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Quality Assurance Process

Quality Assurance

Continued investment is at the heart of Diwan's plans for ongoing improvement in its language & translation services. Diwan Language & Translation Services is committed to investing in only the best new solutions, processes and people to ensure that quality remains at a high level.

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Desktop Publishing Experts

Desktop Publishing

We can produce your, brochures, catalogues, leaflets, technical manuals and advertisements from the very beginning up to the final, professional release; our professional translators/linguists, market experts and coadjutants/designers will create your product in all languages and any format.

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