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Conference Services

Our conference services support the entire conference life cycle.

Conference Services

Conference Services by Diwan Arabia

Conference Services

At Diwan Arabia, our passion is organizing superior conferences, events and incentive programs.

Our conference services support the entire conference life cycle.

You organize the meeting - we take care of the conference website and provide you with a conference management system, with online abstract submission, online peer review process and paper selection.

COMS - Electronic submissions of abstracts, papers and online review system

Our Conference Online-Management System (COMS) is a mature and comprehensive tool. It facilitates smooth abstract and paper submission and enables an efficient online review process. Running on our servers, it can be set-up and customized quickly and is immediately ready for use. It will not only save you a lot of time by taking much of the drag off the chair person that comes with organizing a conference, it will also contribute to a more satisfying conference experience for the participants.

Conference homepage creation

We create a full-featured conference website for you. The site follows the look and feel of your corporate identity and fully integrates into your existing web presence - independently of whether it is to be hosted on our server or on yours.

Book of abstracts

Based on your input we produce your conference handout on CD-ROM. We handle formatting, format conversion, layout and design. Publishing the book of abstracts on CD-ROM offers substantial cost savings over printed editions during both production and distribution.

Conference proceedings

Conference proceedings are documents of lasting value. We take care of the professional treatment of your proceedings. We can help you with printed editions, but a digital distribution of these substantial documents on CD and/or the Internet will save not only the costs but also the environment. A small booklet with an attached digital medium lets you have the best of bothworlds.

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