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Interpretation Services

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Interpretation Services by Diwan Arabia


Diwan Arabia Language & Translation has an unsurpassed team of scientific, technical and general interpreters providing both consecutive, simultaneous and escort interpreting services worldwide.

The interpreter must make a split-second decision about the best word to use or the best way to phrase a statement. That decision can have a critical impact on your message and accordingly on your audience.

To be effective, the interpreter makes the decision of how to best convey both the meaning of the words and the context in which those words are used .i.e. how to best deliver the message. This requires a high level of expertise in any given subject area, current knowledge of different cultures, and a great deal of experience.

We work with you to understand your requirements, so we can select the most appropriate interpreters for your conference or meeting. We can also offer advice & consultancy on the planning and logistics of interpreting assignments.

You can rely on our top-notch interpretation services and our proven experience in the linguistic field to make your event productive, active and memorable.

Our Interpretation Services include:
· Simultaneous Interpretation
· Consecutive Interpretation
· Escort Interpreting
· On-site Interpreting
· Phone Interpreting

All supported with state-of-the-art sound devices, mobile booths and all other interpretation equipment… Read more about Conference Services

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